11 Actions You Can Take to Save More Money Right Now

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7.  KISS.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  There’s no need to have 3 checking accounts, 2 savings accounts, etc.  This tip might not save you a ton of money, but it will make your financial life a lot simpler.

8.  Do things yourself.  Use the internet as a research tool for your next small project.  Youtube has some great instructional videos on everything from replacing a headlamp to removing a kitchen sink.  Don’t be afraid to call a plumber though if your apartment is flooding.

9.  I love going out for drinks and food at nice restaurants but that can add up quickly.  Instead, I like to go to happy hours and get the same quality of food and drinks at half the cost.  Happy hours aren’t as convenient, but you can really save a lot without sacrificing quality.

10.  Compare prices online.  A lot of people are starting to utilize sites like Amazon and eBay to comparison shop for new items.  In addition to lower prices, many of these sites also offer free shipping and no tax.

11.  What about making more money?  If you’ve exhausted all these options and still aren’t saving enough, work on earning a second income.  Is there anything that you enjoy or are skilled at?  See if you can parlay your hobby into a side business.  The profits may not be huge, but if you enjoy doing it, it’s hardly work.

There’s no need to follow all of these actions, but a lot of people tell themselves “I’ll start saving more when I make more.”  This could not be more false.  As you make more money, your tastes and styles will follow accordingly.  I believe saving money is a skill that must be practiced.  Now is the perfect time.

Do you think saving money is important?  Are there any other tips I missed, let me know about them.  I want to save even more!

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