Making the Switch to an Online Bank: Ally Bank Review

Update: See my update on why you should use Ally to hold all your cash in 5 year CD’s and get the highest rates possible. It should make sense for 99% of all people to follow this strategy and feel free to contact me with any questions: Keep Your CD’s Liquid and Still Earn […]

My Do It Yourself Identity Theft Protection Plan

These days, there are tons of ways criminals can steal your identity.  They can copy your credit card information at a restaurant or go through your mailbox at home.  There are some services out there that charge you to monitor your identity, but most of them only offer services you can get for yourself for […]

Reader Question: What Should I Do With My 401k?

David writes in, “I waste my money on having a personal Financial Advisor w/ Merrill Lynch.  He gets 1% of everything invested annually.  I cut him a quarterly check and he picks which mutual funds to invest in.  The market has been sucking so my mutuals are only up about 4% cumulatively since inception.  I don’t […]

$5 Free at and 3 Months of Free Amazon Prime

Update(12/5/12):  Get your 3 month free trial of Amazon Prime here by signing up for Amazon mom(aff link) This Tuesday, Amazon Local will be offering $10 gift cards for just $5.  They haven’t announced how many are available so make sure to buy one as soon as the deal goes live tuesday morning.  They had […]

Should I Donate to a Charity Like Invisible Children?

Last week, Invisible Children launched a passionate video aimed at bringing social awareness to the capture of famous Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.  They set a modest goal of half a million views by the end of the year.  In just under a week, the video had amassed over 55 million hits.  When I finally sat down […]

Why Mitt Romney Still Pays Less Tax Than You

Mitt Romney’s federal tax rate has come under a lot of scrutiny with the battle for the republican primaries heating up.  He released statements that showed his effective tax rate was around 15%.  This number has come under attack from the White House and critics alike, pointing out that Romney, whose estimated net worth is […]