How to Save Money on Cable TV and High Speed Internet

Update(5/28/2013):  My 6 month promotion just ended so I called in to see what their offer would be this time.  The CS rep only offered me free wireless boxes(2 x $7/month savings) so I told them I wanted to cancel.  They transferred me to retention department where a really nice CS lady gave me U200 […]

Should Young Professionals Invest in Dividend Stocks?

With fixed income investments like bonds and CD’s returning decade lows, some investors have turned to dividend stocks as a way to receive predictable income at regular intervals.  Dividend stocks usually refer to companies that have a history of paying out dividends to shareholders.  In fact, each year, the S&P 500 publishes a list of […]

Facebook IPO, Student Loan Debt Bubble and My Weekly Blog Round-Up

Facebook’s IPO   The world’s largest social media site said Thursday that it had raised $16 billion for itself and early investors through an IPO that values Facebook at $104 billion.  Starting friday, investors like you and me will be able to purchase stock in the social network giant.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to […]

How I Achieved a 13% Rate of Return Investing with Lending Club

I started investing with Lending Club in August of 2010.  Two years later, I’ve seen an awesome 13% rate of return on my initial investment.  Lending Club is a relatively new site that brokers peer to peer lending.  In essence, you become a bank and you are free to browse and invest in thousands of […]