Reader Question: Health Savings Account Explained

Reader JY writes in, “I was wondering if you have written anything regarding the Health Savings Account and high deductible health insurance plans. I have recently signed up for this through my new employer as the idea sounded really great. Previously I was paying for one of the more expensive plans, the Kaiser HMO. Now […]

401k Plans Only Work if you Contribute

From time to time, I’ll read about how bad 401k plans are for investors like you and me.  Apparently, most people don’t even realize they’re paying fees on top of other fees to invest in certain funds.  And while a minority of companies do it right, by providing low cost index and ETF funds, most, […]

Is your Asset Allocation Too Risky?

Giving advice on asset allocation is one of the toughest things a financial advisor can do.  How are they supposed to know how much risk another person can take?  Asset allocation is an investment strategy that aims to diversify one’s portfolio holdings based on risk tolerance and time frame.  Riskier assets generally include stocks (particularly […]