Spread Betting –Benefits & Risks

Making money in falling market is something that thousands of people are now achieving through spread – betting. This is not something without risk, its sheer gamble. Even though you can limit your exposure to a loss, there lies a chance of loss. This form of gambling has come in force since last few years […]

15 Best Twitter Accounts To Learn About Stockbroking

If you are into investing in stocks or even if you are a stockbroker, you need to have access to the right information which is dependable, trustworthy and from the right sources. Though there are many such sources of information, information which is available via Twitter accounts is extremely popular and reliable. Here are 15 […]

Motif: An Engaging Way to Diversify

If you’ve ever wanted to invest in a variety of stocks but couldn’t afford to own that many individually, now you can. Motif is an online brokerage that allows investors to build stock and bond portfolios based on “motifs”, like home improvement or travel. The great thing about Motif is that you can invest in […]

Diversify Your (Passive) Income

With all the talk of side hustles for extra income, it’s easy to overlook passive income strategies. Whether you’re pressed for time, are already working on a side hustle, or just want to diversify your income more, there’s a lot to be said for establishing a passive income. Establishing a passive income source will entail […]

Born to Sell Review

On Wednesday, we discussed diversifying your income and the various ways that you could pursue passive income strategies. If you want to establish another source of revenue generation, you may be interested in covered calls through Born to Sell, an additional investment opportunity. Born to Sell is a subscription service that helps you earn extra […]

The Gamification of Investing

Turning events into games is one of those endearing hobbies that a lot of us like to indulge in. Whether it’s Fantasy Football or Fantasy Football, The Bachelor Edition (yes, that’s a thing), we all like to turn things we can’t control into a game. It turns out even investing isn’t immune to being turned […]

5 Financial Tune Ups To Do in January

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions but I do believe in taking some solid steps to secure your financial life at the beginning of each year.  Today, PF Pro contributor, Melissa Hoffman, takes a look at 5 financial tune-ups that you should complete ASAP. It’s the start of the new year, which […]

Free 1 Hour Portfolio Review With Personal Capital (Phone Call)

As some of you may be aware, one of my married life resolutions has been to work on streamlining my finances.  In the past, I kept a separate Mint account for me and my wife but going forward we’re going to be using just one joint Personal Capital account.  It was painful adding her student […]

Getting Your Account Setup With Personal Capital

One of my married life resolutions is to do a better job of organizing and automating our finances.  I’ve been using Mint for the past few years along with my net worth spreadsheet but now that I’ve got two people to worry about I wanted to develop a more efficient way to keep track of […]

Good Investments Can Go Beyond Stocks and Bonds

If someone were to ask me, “what would you consider a good investment?” my immediate response would be something along the lines of, a contribution to a portfolio that contains a mix of total market stock and bond index funds.” That’s it; it really is that simple. Sure, you could get a little fancy by […]

Are Preferred Stocks a Good Investment?

Even though this blog has seen nearly a 30% increase in readers since the beginning of the year I actually don’t receive many questions from readers anymore. Maybe it’s because my posts are so intimidating or maybe there is another reason. Either way, I always welcome reader questions since I can usually turn them into […]

Reader Question: What to do With My Company’s Stock Options

I got a very interesting question in my inbox last week from a friend.  And to be honest, I had to do a little research before I could give him a good answer. I’ve never worked for a company with options (or been high enough up to receive them) but they are a pretty nice […]

Reader Question: $300,000 to Invest: What Should I Do?

I received an interesting question in my inbox the other day from one of my readers. I’ve edited it a bit but it went something like this: PF Pro. I’m 30 and I have very inconsistent income but when I do make money it’s usually a lot. I made $50,000 the last two months but […]

Through the Eyes of a Beginner: A Book Review of The Boglehead’s Guide to Investing

Editor’s Note: When I started my investing journey four years ago, the first book I ever picked up was the Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing. Looking back, I’d say this book was the absolute best thing that ever happened to me(finance-wise) since it really opened up my eyes to low cost index funds and the basics […]

Reader Question: How Should I Invest my HSA?

Editor’s Note: For those who aren’t familiar with Health Savings Accounts, I’ve written extensively on the topic before, take a look. Reader GP writes in this week asking about HSA’s: I’ve got a pretty substantial HSA balance now and I need to know how to invest it. Simple and to the point, I like those […]

Financial Checklist: 25 Things to Take Care of Before You Turn 25

It’s never too soon to start thinking about money, and more importantly, your own personal finances. But the financial world is huge, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. To make it a little easier, we’ve compiled a checklist that every twenty-something should be able to use. There are some money matters […]

Diversify Everything

Whenever I hear someone get really excited about their latest investment, I tend to think the worst.  It’s not that I don’t want that person to succeed but I usually worry they’re making a big mistake.  Any time I see a friend buy a house, I wonder if they spent more than they can afford. […]