5 Productivity Hacks from Successful Entrepreneurs

If there’s one thing I still haven’t mastered, it’s productivity. For all the apps out there to help you manage your productivity, I still find myself occasionally mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, or Twitter, or even just watching TV. While we all need breaks once in a while, it’s easy to let a “break” slip into […]

How to Fly on American Airlines for Free (or Close to it)

I’ve worked in the aerospace industry for almost 5 years now since I graduated college. And whenever I tell people what line of work I’m in, they undoubtedly ask if I ever get to fly in the planes I work on for free. Sadly the answer is always no, actually there aren’t a whole lot […]

Using Vanilla Reloads to Meet Credit Card Spend Requirements

(Editor’s Note:  I wrote this article a couple weeks ago and since then CVS has instituted a new policy that requires cash to pay for Vanilla Reloads.  Sadly, it looks like this deal is now dead unless you can find VR’s somewhere else) According to my credit card statements, I spend a lot of money. […]

Overpay Your Utilities Before You Cancel Service

I’m always looking for easy ways to save money or make money.  Basically anything that will put more money in my pocket without much work is something I like.  I get a lot of my ideas from browsing deal forums like Slickdeals or travel forums like Flyertalk but occasionally I’ll come up with a good […]

Are You Walking Away from Free Money on the Table?

Everyone has their preferred method on building wealth and financial security. Some folks like to get frugal, cut expenses, and make the most of their current income. Others prefer to not worry about the little costs because they’re focused on increasing their earnings instead. These two ways of handling money create a spectrum, and most […]

Loophole of the Day: Free Costco Membership For Everyone

For regular readers of my blog, you probably know how cheap I am by now.  Any time I have to make a purchase of significant value I make sure to weigh all my options and figure out if I really need that product.  Sometimes I’ll ask myself, will this product improve the quality of my […]

Tuning Up a Bicycle is Easier and Cheaper Than You Think

Ever since I moved up to Newport Beach a few months ago, I have been biking nearly everywhere.  When you don’t have a job, you have a lot more free time on your hands so you’re not in quite as much of a rush.  A lot of people think riding your bike takes significantly more […]

A Tribute to the Greatest Chipotle Article of All Time

If you missed my first Chipotle article, then click here to go back and read it before you start on this one!  Enjoy.. When I first started this site almost two years ago it was with the intention to discuss topics like saving for retirement and investment strategies.  But I quickly realized that those articles […]

Why I Always Order Food and Drinks To Go

One of my favorite topics is taxes, or more specifically avoiding taxes.  Every year I go to great lengths to delay or even avoid taxes to the fullest extent of the law.  I max out my 401k, Roth IRA and HSA.  I itemize and take huge deductions for property tax and mortgage interest but I […]

That Printer Ink Cartridge Costs What?!

One of the things I miss most about my old day job is the free printing.  I’m not kidding either.  Even though we live in a digital age, I still find myself printing out a ton of documents nearly every single day.  I print out everything from contracts to shipping labels and everything in-between.  At […]

Applying for Credit Cards and My Spending Plan For My First App O Rama

Part 1: Planning for My First Credit Card App O Rama Part 2: Which Cards to Apply For In My First Credit Card App O Rama Part 3: Applying for Credit Cards and My Spending Plan For My First App O Rama   This is the third and final part in my series on applying […]

Which Cards to Apply For In My First Credit Card App O Rama

Part 1: Planning for My First Credit Card App O Rama Part 2: Which Cards to Apply For In My First Credit Card App O Rama Part 3: Applying for Credit Cards and My Spending Plan For My First App O Rama This is the second article in a three part series on applying for […]

Amex Backdating Still Alive But Authorized User Results May Vary

A lot of the questions I get from readers of this blog have to do with building credit.  Everyone wants to know things like what type of monitoring services they should use or how they can increase their score in the shortest amount of time.  Unfortunately though, building credit isn’t always a quick and painless process. […]

Get 2 Free Months of Health Insurance Through COBRA

Quitting my job has turned out to be a great decision.  Although I really enjoyed working for my last company, I was ready for a change and once we found out that my fiancee had gotten into med school in Irvine, we started planning for our move.  Taking time off from work has allowed me […]

How to Get Free HD Local Channels and Cable TV

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know about my life-long quest to pay less for pretty much anything and everything.  Cable TV is one of those non-essential items that I always find myself struggling with. There are a litany of services out there that have come close to replacing cable tv […]

The Best Customer Service is Now on Twitter

Most kids dream about becoming a firefighter or an astronaut or maybe even a customer service representative when they’re young. Oh wait, that last one might be more of a nightmare. Let’s face it: a job as a CS rep isn’t exactly a high paying one and most of the reps I’ve talked to haven’t […]