How to Save Using Cash-Back Sites

It’s that time of year, when stores are offering huge discounts and deals, hoping you’ll shop with them. If you’re like many people, you’ll be shopping this season from the comfort of your home, not worried about fighting through traffic only to find the item you came for is out of stock. Here at Your […]

Guess How Much I Spent On My Wedding Ring

Weddings are a lot of fun.  And since I’m right around the age where a lot of my friends are getting married (including myself), I’ve been going to a lot lately and been having a pretty great time.  But I also know just how much work and how much money goes into each one.  And […]

8 Great Digital Tools for Personal Finance

With our love of technology and tools to help us constantly do more, it’s no surprise that there are countless personal finance applications out there — and they’re all vying for our attention. It can be difficult to know which to choose, or which will work best for your unique financial situation. And let’s face […]

How to Negotiate to Get What You Want

Even if you’re not a corporate salesperson with strict numbers to hit, or a big-time lawyer with clients to get out of tight spots, you can benefit from becoming a better negotiator. We negotiate all the time in our day to day lives. We work to secure better prices and terms when we make big […]

How to Efficiently Send Money Online Within the US

Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest post from my friend and fellow blogger Logan Lemberger.  I’ve actually known him since we were kids and played in the same basketball league at our local park.  Now a days though, Logan works for a cool new payments start-up and blogs in his free time.   I […]

When Should You Hire a Cleaning Lady?

Now that I’m back working my day job, I have a lot less free time in my life.  I generally work online for 2-3 hours a night after work and that severely cuts into my TV watching and forces me to be a lot more efficient when it comes to managing my time.  So the last thing […]

One Year After my Switch from Apple to Android

Just over a year ago, I wrote an article about my switch from the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy S3.  It was kind of a big deal for me since I’ve had an iPhone forever and I also owned an iPad and MacBook Pro at the time.  But there were a lot of things that […]

Why I Sort Of Hired a Wedding Planner

Even though I’m only working four hours a day, I’ve still been spending a lot of my free time planning for our wedding next summer.  Since my fiancee is busy with school, I’ve become the ‘unofficial’ wedding planner and let me tell you, it’s a lot of work.  We ended up picking a venue that […]

That Printer Ink Cartridge Costs What?!

One of the things I miss most about my old day job is the free printing.  I’m not kidding either.  Even though we live in a digital age, I still find myself printing out a ton of documents nearly every single day.  I print out everything from contracts to shipping labels and everything in-between.  At […]

4 Tips for Brick and Mortar/Online Comparison Shopping

If you’re like me, then you always compare prices in store to the prices online.  I do most of my shopping on Amazon but now that they charge sales tax, a lot of the brick and mortar businesses are starting to compete price-wise again.  There’s a lot of competition out there between retailers which is […]

Ever Taken Advantage of a Satisfaction Guarantee Offer?

“Satisfaction Guarantee” is a term that I hear thrown around a lot these days.  My interpretation of that phrase is that if I’m not satisfied with any aspect of the service or product I receive, I’m entitled to a full refund.  That seems like a pretty bold statement, doesn’t it?  What business in their right […]

How to Cash in Your Change For Free with a CoinStar Machine

I’m sure you’ve seen CoinStar machines at your local grocery store and some of you may already use their services, but the hefty fee has always kept me away.  I typically pay for all my purchases with my Barclaycard, but for some reason I still seem to accumulate quite a bit of change. When I […]

Loading My Bluebird Card at Walmart

If you haven’t heard of Bluebird, it’s all the rage these days in the credit card churning-sphere. Bluebird is a service offered by American Express that allows you to load your card with debit, cash, checks or even direct deposit. Essentially, it’s an all in one card for those without a bank account or those […]

My New HSA Strategy – Rollovers and Trustee Transfers

Since my company was acquired by an even larger one last year, 2013 will be our first full year under the new administration.  That means a whole lot of changes to our benefits and one of those will be to our HSA provider.  Although the HDHP insurance portion will still be served by Aetna, our […]