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I believe that one of the reasons health care is so expensive because there is no competitive market for pricing.  When I want to buy a new tv, I don’t go out to the closest store and buy it.  I go to Best Buy, compare prices online, etc.  It should be the same for health care.  When the upfront cost of an $800 x-ray is shifted to the insurance company, you won’t see an immediate impact.  You see the impact a year later, when your premiums go up by 10%.  Unfortunately, the health care law does nothing to change this.

Personally, I like the idea of the Health Savings Account(HSA) because it forces you to pay for all the small routine costs when you visit your doctor.  Insurance should only be reserved for the huge catastrophes like when you break your leg, or need major surgery.  People clogging up doctor’s offices with runny noses and minor pains are the ones who shift the upfront costs to the insurance companies and force everyone to pay for it later with increased premiums.  Too many uninsured people use the emergency room as a primary care physician because they cannot be denied treatment there. Wie kann ich meinen Penis wachsen Legality of the Mandate

Conservatives have argued that the government is overstepping it’s boundaries by forcing us to buy this mandate.  However, I think this should be an exception.  What about paying taxes, contributing to social security, Medicare, etc?  Legally, these might not be considered a mandate, but I’m pretty sure you’ll go to jail for skipping out on these payments.  It’s pretty tough to live in modern day society without working, and receiving income, so in essence these are mandates.

I don’t want to be morally or legally responsible for denying anyone the right to health care.  So what should happen to those who get sick and have no insurance?  Shouldn’t someone pay for this, or should we ignore it and let them die?  This will never happen as the majority of people would never allow this.  There are definitely flaws with the health care reform law, but I think it’s a general step in the right direction.

Do you think the mandate should be legal?  Do you think you should be required to have insurance?  What should happen if you get sick?

-PF Pro

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