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You want to make sure you are actually pursuing a no cost refinance and not a no cash refinance.  No cash essentially means they will add the closing costs to your principal, while no cost literally means no cost.  Here is a list of some online companies with the lowest no cost refi rates around:

These companies offer some of the most competitive rates around, although you should thoroughly research any company you decide to use. Instead of paying points, they will actually give you a lender credit depending on the rate you select. Typically, a no cost refi will be at a slightly higher rate; .125% to .25% higher, than a traditional refinance. In my eyes, this is really the only down side. bekommen einen großen Penis My Experience

This was my first refinance so I decided to go with a well known company in Quicken Loans.  I refinanced from a 30 year fixed loan at 5.25% to a 7/1 ARM at 3.75%, saving myself over $200 a month.  They were extremely easy to deal with and the whole process took just under a month.  However, they did try to tie my escrow prepayment into my new loan.  This is something you don’t want to do because it will add to your loan amount.  All the numbers can be a little confusing, but make sure that the lender fees(including appraisal, credit check, etc) and government recording fees are less than the lender’s credit and you should be just fine.

Have you tried a regular refinance or no cost refinance?  Are there any drawbacks to a no cost refi that I’m missing?

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