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      I love to travel Rebecca, but the two limiting factors are vacation time and money. CC’s don’t help with the first issue but when you can stay in a hotel for free or travel in business class for $100 in taxes/fees, it is a GREAT feeling. I love it.

      Some people argue that they cause you to spend more money than normal but it’s all about self-control. I paid for my entire trip to Hawaii with points and I wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t have the points. But I’m also paying for a majority of my 2 week European honeymoon with points(flight there, flight back, two flights while i’m there, 8 hotel nights)

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    I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to credit card bonuses by any means because I’ve only done two so far, but it was definitely pretty easy. I’m still using the Barclaycard even though I hit the minimum spend because I found enough travel expenses for the year to make it easy to redeem the points in the most effective way. I’ll definitely give it up before the annual fee hits though and go back to using my Fidelity Amex for everything.
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      You’re definitely not addicted but I think you and I think alike. We know how hard it is to make $500-$1,000 tax free so when an opportunity like this comes along with literally no downside(if you apply in moderation) it’s too hard to pass up!

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      You’re right, there’s definitely an exponential correlation the more you do. That’s good that you at least know it’s not for you and aren’t forcing yourself into it just b/c everyone else is doing it. Find something you enjoy and do it well :)

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      I don’t use all 25 cards, most of them just sit in my drawer and I use Square to charge $1 on the inactive ones every 6 months or so. I log each one into a spreadsheet and that’s about all it takes, management wise. These cards are paying for 70% of my lodging/flight costs for a 2 week European honeymoon so I’m pretty happy with them.

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      Good questions. Every time you open a new card your score goes down a little bit due to the hard inquiry and lowering of your average age of accounts. But it also goes up since you’re adding a new account(the more accounts the better – little counterintuitive) and increasing your credit limit(lowering your utilization rate).

      B) Nothing happens, your number of accounts will be reduced, average age may go up or down, credit limit goes down. So that’s why you never wanna close your oldest cards. Most companies will actually waive the AF if you call in and complain, allow you to downgrade or last resort, you just cancel the card.

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