Lots of New Amex Sync Offers: $25 Free at Amazon.com

Lots of New Amex Sync Offers: $25 Free at Amazon.comLast summer I wrote about all the great benefits of my Amex cards when it came to brustcreme straffung promotions with social media.  The promotions this past summer weren’t as good but there were still a few decent ones here and there.  But with Christmas time coming up, Amex is really turning up the heat when it comes to partnerships and free cash back for spending.

The nice thing about most of these deals is that the offers are redeemed through Amex.  So you don’t have to worry about the merchant applying the promotion correctly or anything like that.  Most of the deals so far have been good but probably not applicable to everyone.  But Amex’s latest offer of $25 back after spending $75 on Amazon.com is something I know that everyone can use.  The whole process only takes a few minutes and you get a free $25.

All you have to do is sync up your card(s), tweet or load the offer, spend the money and you get the cash back.  If you’re interested in getting some free cash, there are two ways you can get these offers.

http://alzare-seno.it/per-un-seno-pi-grande.html per un seno più grande The Easy Way

The easiest way to load these offers to your card is to sign onto your Amex account and click on the My Offers tab.  You should see a long list of targeted offers there and you can add them to your card in one click.  You can add the same offer to each one of your cards as long as it is a true Amex card.  Co-branded amex cards like Citi Amex or Costco Amex won’t show up in your account on AmericanExpress.com so you’ll have to use the Twitter method below.

Since the offers that show up under your My Offers tab are based on your spending you might not see every offer.  In that case, you’ll also have to use the Twitter method below.

http://mypenegrande.it/come-si-puo-ingrandire-il-pene.html come si puo ingrandire il pene The Hard Way

Most Amex Sync promotions can be added to your account using the designated hashtag.  I’ve listed all of the best current promotions below and the hashtag that you need to tweet in order to get the offer loaded to your account.  Here are the steps involved in syncing your Twitter account to your Amex card.

  • Sign up for a Twitter account
  • Sync your American Express Card to your Twitter account(Click on the twitter icon in the upper right corner)
  • You should receive a confirmation e-mail that the card ending in XXXXX has been synced with your twitter account(If you have multiple Amex cards you’ll need multiple twitter accounts so be sure to write down which account is synced to which card)
  • Tweet using the designated hashtag for the deal(for the Amazon.com deal it’s #AmexAmazon )
  • You should receive a sync notification in the mentions section of your Twitter account within a minute or two

http://penisvergrossernxl.de/erweiterung-dick.html Erweiterung dick Current Deals 

Here are some of the best sync deals out there right now:

comment rendre votre pénis grand Amazon.com | Spend $75 get $25 | Exp 12/31/13 | Use Once | On Twitter [americanexpress.com] #AmexAmazon - I would just buy a $75 gift card here and apply it to your account.  If you order multiple items with Amazon and they don’t ship at the same time, you won’t be charged the full amount all at once.

männerpenisse Amtrak | Spend $150 get $30 | Exp 2/15/2014 | Use Once | On Twitter [amex.co] #AmexAmtrak

comment stimuler les mamelons Best Buy | Spend $250 get $25 | Exp 12/31/2013 | Use Once | On Twitter [t.co] #AmexBestBuy – I don’t ever shop at Best Buy but you can buy Amazon Kindle cards here and use them like regular gift cards on Amazon.com.

http://ingrandimento-seno.it/aumentare-una-taglia-di-seno.html aumentare una taglia di seno BP | Spend $25 get $5 | Exp 12/31/2013 | Unlimited Use | On Twitter [amex.co] #AmexBP – I don’t have any BP’s around me but this deal is unlimited use!

comment grandir son zizi naturellement California Pizza Kitchen | Spend $40 get $10 | Exp 12/31/2013 | Use Once | On TripAdvisor [americanexpress.com] – CPK has a promotion going on right now where if you buy $100 in gift cards, you get a $20 promo card.  If you have two Amex cards, buy 2 $50 gift cards at the same time and you’ll get $20 off from Amex and a $20 promo card from CPK.  So that’s $120 in gift cards for only $80.  

http://agrandirsonpenistest.fr/comment-faire-mes-pennies-plus-grand.html comment faire mes pennies plus grand Costco | Spend $115 get $15 | Exp 12/31/2013 | Use Once | Online Only | On Facebook | On Twitter #AmexCostco

ExxonMobil | Spend $30 get $5 | Exp 12/31/2013 | Use Once | On Twitter [amex.co] #AmexExxonMobil

Lowes | Spend $50 get $10 | Exp 12/24/2013 – Lowe’s sells a wide variety of gift cards so you can buy $50 worth of Shell Gas cards for example like I did.  

PF Changs | Spend $40 get $10 | Exp 12/31/2013 | Use Once | On Twitter #AmexPFChangs - PF Changs also has a promotion going on right now where if you buy $100 in gift cards, you get a $20 promo card.  If you have two Amex cards, buy 2 $50 gift cards at the same time and you’ll get $20 off from Amex and a $20 promo card from CPK.  So that’s $120 in gift cards for only $80.  

Sprouts Farmers Market | Spend $50 get $10 | Exp 1/31/2014 | Use Once | On Twitter [americanexpress.com] #AmexSprouts

Staples | Spend $75 get $25 | Exp 12/10/2013 – Staples has lots of gift cards including Shell and Amazon.

Walmart.com | Spend $79 get $20 | Exp 12/31/2013 | Use Once

Some of these deals like the Staples and Walmart offers will only be available through the My Offers tab but remember they are targeted.  So if you don’t see a certain offer in your My Offers tab and there’s no Twitter option, unfortunately you’re out of luck.  Whatever you end up buying, make sure that the total(including tax) equals the minimum spend.  So it doesn’t matter how you spend $250 at Best Buy, as long as the total amount charged to your Amex is $250 and done in one transaction, you will get the credit.

If you’d like more info or to read more about the promotions and see a full list of all the offers, check out this Slickdeals thread.

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