My Big Move!

My New Home - Newport Beach

My New Home – Newport Beach

The past month has been a busy one for me.  I’ve dropped a few hints here and there but I just quit my job and I’m moving with my fiancée to Orange County so that she can pursue her medical degree.  She’ll start school at the beginning of August and I’m going to take a couple months off to focus on my online entrepreneurial activities before going back to work.

I gave my employer notice that I’ll be leaving about a month ago and so far it seems like there are some great opportunities in the Orange County area.  It should be a big change for both of us but we’re very excited for it.  As you know, my job was getting a little stagnant and this move comes at the perfect time.

My Plan

Since I started working right out of college, I haven’t taken more than a week off in four years.  I’m pretty excited to have a couple months off but don’t think I’m going to be just sitting there watching TV all day.  I’ve already lined up two freelancing gigs and I’ll be doing a ton of work on this site to improve the content and quality.  I’ve even got an outline for an e-book that I plan on writing so stay tuned.  Here’s what you can expect from me in the upcoming months:

  • Obviously this blog will be a top priority so you can continue to expect 2-3 high quality articles per week.
  • If you’d like to read more of my writing, I’m now writing for RentPrep and The College Investor.
  • I also started collaborating with a friend on a personal finance site and so far we’re off to a good start.

So there you have it.  Ultimately, I plan on returning back to my day job, but I want to give my online endeavors full priority for a couple months and see how it goes.  I still feel that I’m highly overpaid at my day job so I don’t want to give that up until my online income is a little bit more diversified and consistent.  I get paid a lot at my day job to sit at my desk and work on a computer for 8 hours a day.  I do the same type of work for my blog, but for much less, so until the numbers even out I’ll continue to do both.

Readers, ever thought about taking the plunge and quitting your day job?   I don’t recommend it for everyone but sometimes the lack of security will force you to work harder in order to survive.

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-Harry @ PF Pro

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      Yea I don’t think I’d be quite so excited if I was just switching to a different company, but since I’m going from one field to a whole different one, I’m pretty excited.

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    I’m very excited for you Harry. When your fiance starts med school, it will definitely be amazing but also intense. I remember having to put in huge amounts of effort during that first semester with all household duties just so that my husband could get started on the right foot. It sounds like you two will make a great team! I’m excited to see how you like working from home. :)
    Cat Alford (@BudgetBlonde) recently posted…Watch Huffington Post Live Tonight!My Profile

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      Thanks Cat, you’ll be like my shrink if I need any help or comfort :) I’m definitely gonna be stay at home dad’ing it for her for the first couple months so should be fun.

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      Yea I’m glad I get at least a couple months to give the online thing a full time go and see what I can do. I might suck at it, I might be great, hopefully the latter. :)


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