March CPI down 0.2%: May I Bond Rates Announced

On Tuesday, the labor department announced the latest CPI-U numbers.  With these numbers, you can calculate the upcoming inflation portion of I bonds and determine whether it’s better to buy your bonds now or wait until May.  As you may know, I bonds are composed of an inflation rate and a fixed rate.  The fixed rate […]

Get a Guaranteed 4% Return on $5,000 thru Sharebuilder

I’m on a quest for higher returns(similar to TFB’s double bond movement) and so far I’ve explored peer to peer lending, binary options & REIT’s to name just a few.  There seems to be a ton of ways to earn above average returns but unfortunately, most of them also come with additional risk.  I’m looking […]

What Credit Cards Will Work Abroad in Europe, UAE, Asia?

Traveling abroad and paying for everything has gotten a lot easier over the past 10 years.  I’ve never had the pleasure of using a travelers check but I hear they were quite the adventure.  Nowadays though, when I travel abroad I take two debit cards, two credit cards and a couple hundred dollars in cash. […]

Keep Your CD’s Liquid and Still Earn a High Rate of Return

Most investors probably don’t have too many high yielding ‘safe’ investments lying around from the high interest rate days.  The 5% CD’s that we all took for granted in 2007-2008 are a thing of the past and I know most people wish they would have locked in a couple more 5 year CD’s at these […]

Making the Switch to an Online Bank: Ally Bank Review

Update: See my update on why you should use Ally to hold all your cash in 5 year CD’s and get the highest rates possible. It should make sense for 99% of all people to follow this strategy and feel free to contact me with any questions: Keep Your CD’s Liquid and Still Earn […]