Loophole of the Day: Free Costco Membership For Everyone

For regular readers of my blog, you probably know how cheap I am by now.  Any time I have to make a purchase of significant value I make sure to weigh all my options and figure out if I really need that product.  Sometimes I’ll ask myself, will this product improve the quality of my […]

My Latest Credit Card: The Amex Starwood Preferred Guest Card(SPG)

Since I’ve got a European honeymoon coming up this summer, I’ve been in full force research mode – comparing prices and figuring out how to redeem all my credit card points for free travel.  We only have a limited amount of time to honeymoon during July and that happens to coincide with the busiest time […]

Lots of New Amex Sync Offers: $25 Free at Amazon.com

Last summer I wrote about all the great benefits of my Amex cards when it came to promotions with social media.  The promotions this past summer weren’t as good but there were still a few decent ones here and there.  But with Christmas time coming up, Amex is really turning up the heat when it […]

The Best Customer Service is Now on Twitter

Most kids dream about becoming a firefighter or an astronaut or maybe even a customer service representative when they’re young. Oh wait, that last one might be more of a nightmare. Let’s face it: a job as a CS rep isn’t exactly a high paying one and most of the reps I’ve talked to haven’t […]

Why I Prefer to Make My Own Black Friday Deals

Thanksgiving has got to be one of my favorite holidays.  Not only is it centered around giving thanks and spending time with family, but it’s a whole holiday that’s dedicated to food.  I plan on spending it with my mom’s side of the family, my dad’s side and my girlfriend’s family.  So that adds up […]

Case Study: Build Credit for Someone by Adding Them as an Authorized User

When I first purchased my condo three years ago, I was not offered the lowest rate due to my insufficient credit history. Even though I always checked my credit score and it was in the high 700′s, the bank considered me a slight risk because my credit history was so limited(I was only 22). I […]

AMEX Twitter Sync Promotion: How I Turned $180 at Best Buy Into $200 in Amazon Gift Certificates

After two years of churning credit cards for sign-up bonuses, I’ve amassed quite a collection of cards.  I’m almost embarrassed by how many I now have, but one great benefit of having so many cards is the ongoing promotions.  With some companies you might save a couple dollars here, or get a discount there, but […]

Free $25 for Signing Up for an AMEX Prepaid Card

 Update(6/5/2012) – If you’re looking for the latest AMEX promotion: Get a Free $25 gift card for loading $200 onto an exisiting prepaid card(or with sign-up), click here. Thank you to everyone who has been reading and supporting my blog.  As a token of my appreciation, I am sharing a great deal I found today! Free $25 […]