My Latest Credit Card App O Rama: Preparation and Strategy

This is part 1 of a two article series about my latest credit card App O Rama and how I netted 240,000 points and $200.  Part 2 on Friday will talk about which cards I applied for, how many points I ended up with (it’s a lot!) and how I met $20k in spending in […]

Case Study: Build Credit for Someone by Adding Them as an Authorized User

When I first purchased my condo three years ago, I was not offered the lowest rate due to my insufficient credit history. Even though I always checked my credit score and it was in the high 700’s, the bank considered me a slight risk because my credit history was so limited(I was only 22). I […]

My Do It Yourself Identity Theft Protection Plan

These days, there are tons of ways criminals can steal your identity.  They can copy your credit card information at a restaurant or go through your mailbox at home.  There are some services out there that charge you to monitor your identity, but most of them only offer services you can get for yourself for […]