Free $20 Amazon Gift Card From Personal Capital

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  If you’re like me, you’ll be doing most of your Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your own home this weekend.  I just wanted to take a moment though and say thanks to everyone who has supported Your PF Pro over the years.  This has been a great project and I […]

December Deals & Steals and a Blog Link Round-Up

I love December for a litany of reasons but my favorite part is all the deals that pop up throughout the month.  During the year, I’m pretty good about not buying stuff I don’t need, but come December, it seems like I’m buying something every other day.  Sometimes I don’t even know who I’m going […]

How to Sell Your Gift Cards on Ebay and Plastic Jungle

When gift cards first appeared on the market in the mid 90’s, consumers instantly flocked to them.  Businesses loved the idea because it attracted new customers who often spent more than the value of the card.  Gift cards have grown into a multi-million dollar industry and are a great alternative to cash gifts.  Most people […]