Reader Question: Traditional PPO vs HSA Plan

Editor’s Note: For those who aren’t familiar with Health Savings Accounts, I’ve written extensively on the topic before, take a look. This question didn’t come to my inbox but instead it came through as a comment on my article about 2014 health care annual enrollment. Calculating which plan is best for you is no easy feat and […]

Annual Enrollment for 2014: My Company’s HSA vs Traditional Plan

As most of you know, a health savings account or HSA is one of my favorite investment vehicles of all time.  It’s the only investment that allows for triple tax savings – the money you put in isn’t taxed, the money you take out isn’t taxed and the earnings aren’t taxed – as long as you […]

Reader Question: Health Savings Account Explained

Reader JY writes in, “I was wondering if you have written anything regarding the Health Savings Account and high deductible health insurance plans. I have recently signed up for this through my new employer as the idea sounded really great. Previously I was paying for one of the more expensive plans, the Kaiser HMO. Now […]