My New HSA Provider: Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union

Last year I wrote an article about how to rollover or use a trustee transfer in order to invest your HSA money for free using HSA Bank. Well it’s been a year and my investments have done very well(thank you S&P Gods), but I was only able to invest about $7,000 of my $12,000 balance. […]

Annual Enrollment for 2014: My Company’s HSA vs Traditional Plan

As most of you know, a health savings account or HSA is one of my favorite investment vehicles of all time.  It’s the only investment that allows for triple tax savings – the money you put in isn’t taxed, the money you take out isn’t taxed and the earnings aren’t taxed – as long as you […]

I Finally Invested My HSA Money

It’s been a while since I wrote about my new HSA rollover strategy and lots of things have happened since then.  I quit my old job, got free health insurance for a couple months, got my own insurance for a month and will have employer health insurance again next week!  I’ll probably go with the […]

Preventative Care with a HSA: Free Physicals and Lab Work

Although HSA’s generally tend to have high deductibles, one great benefit is that preventative care is covered 100% for almost all HDHP plans.  A recent industry survey found that over 80% of HSA plans provided first-dollar coverage for preventive care. This was true of virtually all HSA plans offered by large employers and over 95% […]

My New HSA Strategy – Rollovers and Trustee Transfers

Since my company was acquired by an even larger one last year, 2013 will be our first full year under the new administration.  That means a whole lot of changes to our benefits and one of those will be to our HSA provider.  Although the HDHP insurance portion will still be served by Aetna, our […]

Annual Enrollment Time: How Much Can an HSA Save You?

Here’s my original HSA article from last year: Health Savings Accounts Explained. Ok it’s annual enrollment time again for those of us in traditional workplaces and I’m here to tell you exactly how much a HSA can benefit you.  Most large companies are starting to offer HSA’s to their employees for one main reason: it […]

Reader Question: Health Savings Account Explained

Reader JY writes in, “I was wondering if you have written anything regarding the Health Savings Account and high deductible health insurance plans. I have recently signed up for this through my new employer as the idea sounded really great. Previously I was paying for one of the more expensive plans, the Kaiser HMO. Now […]