What’s the Best Fix for a Broken iPhone 5 Screen?

So you pull into a parking spot, take your seat belt off and start to get out of the car when you suddenly remember your phone is still on your lap. But it’s too late, the soft thud of your phone hitting the ground is a sound that I’m all too familiar with. Back when […]

The Apple Price Premium: Are Mac Computers, Ipods and Iphones Worth the Extra Money?

From my seat on the couch I can look around and see my fiancee’s iPhone 5, my old iPhone 4, my Apple TV and oh yeah I’m typing on a MacBook Pro.  Obivously, we’ve been using Apple products for quite some time now but I still remember our family’s first Macintosh computer in the early […]

Upgrading Your Smartphone: My Switch From the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S3

I’ve had an iPhone for the past four years, but the other day I finally decided to switch to the Android OS and get a Galaxy S3.  I was pretty disappointed with the iPhone 5 release, essentially the same phone as the iPhone 4, but slightly taller and skinnier.  So far, I really love my […]

September 2012 Favorite Posts

Even though it’s the middle of September, the weather has been great here in Southern California.  It’s actually been almost too hot, with temperatures close to 100 degrees last week.  When I played golf the other day it was 95 degrees out, way too hot; plus I don’t like to sweat when I’m playing golf. […]