Prioritizing Debt vs. Retirement

For those of us in our twenties and thirties, retirement seems fairly far off and remote. After all, when you’re planning school, buying your first home, or traveling the world, let’s face it: thinking about your “golden years” is pretty far down on your list. However, as the news media likes to remind us, all […]

Is a Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment a Good Idea?

“What if we told you that you could be mortgage free years sooner? That’s what The BiWeekly Advantage Plan® offers homeowners like you!” That was the opening line of an e-mail I received last week from Citi Mortgage.  I’d heard of a bi-weekly payment plan before but never been offered one by my mortgage provider. […]

Calculate Your Mortgage Interest Deduction the Right Way

With the large deficit our country is facing, politicians are starting to get creative. There’s actually been some talk about getting rid of the mortgage interest deduction for homeowners. If you don’t own property, then you may not know about one of the biggest tax deductions available. The mortgage interest deduction allows taxpayers who own […]

ARM vs Fixed Mortgage

As you know, I’m a big proponent of buying real estate right now.  And after you’ve secured your property, one of the first things to consider is what type of mortgage you should get.  There are all different types of loans and terms you can get, but fixed mortgages, followed by Adjustable Rate Mortgages(ARM), are […]

Knowing Your Credit Score and Building It Up

We have all seen, and laughed at, the litany of free credit score commercials on television now a days.  Whether it’s a funny rock band song that you can never get out of your head, or the overweight, balding credit score man seen on your left; we are constantly bombarded with ads for paid services to […]