Plot Your Escape: Starting a Business While Working Full Time

With the rise of the globalized economy, multinational companies, and the 1099 workforce, many people are realizing it pays to work on your own. Whether it’s being a website developer, independent coder, rideshare driver, or some combination of skills, more people are choosing to become their own bosses.   If you’re considering going out on […]

How Perception Affects Your Earning Potential

Here on Your PF Pro, we discuss a lot of important things related to saving, spending, and investing money. However, in order to be able to do any of this, often we need a job to get started. Sounds pretty basic, right? Unless you’re independently wealthy (in which case, want to sponsor my wedding?), we […]

Job Searching In Today’s Digital Age

Job searching is always a tough gig, but at least the digital age has refined the process of searching and applying for jobs and taken us away from the pencil-and-Classifieds days. Even networking can be accomplished online, allowing job seekers to get more mileage out of the time they spend looking for work. To begin […]

How to Build and Promote Your Business

Most people wouldn’t think of me as a small business owner but I actually own two small businesses.  They don’t have a physical presence or a storefront but they still count as small businesses in the eyes of the IRS.  And although the income is only supplemental to the salary at my main job, it […]

How Much Money Would it Take to Leave a Great Life?

When I graduated college four years ago, I faced a tough job market with very few prospects.  I had a couple interviews but I was only offered one position as a navigation/systems engineer in Palmdale, CA. Even though it was my only offer at the time, it was still a tough decision.  I debated about […]

Getting Away From Internet Job Searches: Networking Tips for Young Professionals

With unemployment at 8.2% as of March 2012, many Americans find themselves relying on the same unsuccessful job hunting tactics.  Recent graduates are stuck looking for work in an extremely saturated job market where supply is high and demand is low.  So what makes one candidate stand out from another?  When I entered the workforce […]