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I Finally Filled Up My Lending Club Roth IRA

It seems like years ago that I wrote my two part series on opening a Lending Club Roth IRA and how to invest it.  It was actually only 5 months ago, but it marked my first major investment into peer to peer lending.  I was convinced to make a larger investment because my experimental account […]

Part 1: Opening a No Fee Lending Club Roth IRA

I’ve been investing with Lending Club for three years now and my returns are still over 10%.  I’ve developed a specific set of filters that I feel give me a distinct advantage over the average LC investor yet it’s nothing ground breaking.  The average investor is doing pretty well according to Lending Club, but I […]

My Tax Efficient Investing Plan

If the Mayans are wrong and Dec 21, 2012 doesn’t bring the end of the world, taxmageddon is still headed our way in 2013.  Income taxes are slated to go up for every single tax-paying American unless congress and Obama act.  Regardless of whether you’re for or against the proposed tax increase, it’s causing a lot of […]