Get 2 Free Months of Health Insurance Through COBRA

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COBRA Explained

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My Plan Going Forward

It’s only $40 for the first 2 visits to a primary care and specialist doctor, and the deductible is $3,500 with a max out of pocket of $6,500.  My old plan made pay for everything, no co-pays or anything until I hit the deductible of $3,500.  Obviously my company is doing something wrong if they have over a hundred thousand employees and they can’t negotiate a price better than 4x what I found in about 5 minutes of online searching.

Final Thoughts

If you go about this strategy, make sure that you don’t wait until the day your COBRA runs out(10/7 in my case) to sign up for health insurance through a different provider.  There is sometimes a 1-2 week processing period so you want to be sure to sign up a couple weeks before and set your start date a couple days before your COBRA insurance expires.

I plan on starting my new job in mid-October so I really only need a few weeks of health insurance but I definitely want to be covered during those few weeks in-between my COBRA expiring and starting my new job.  It seems like people always tend to get hurt/have accidents when they’re uninsured and at $50 for a couple weeks I think it’s a worthwhile investment.

Readers, have you ever signed up for COBRA insurance once you left a job?  What do you think of my loophole?  Good idea?  Bad idea?

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-Harry @ PF Pro

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