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Tahoe 2011 Winter Snow

I’m dying for it to start raining again in SoCal so our mountains will get some snow.  My day job is pretty flexible, so I usually try and get up to the local mountains the day after it rains.  Rain down here means snow up there and I found a great guy on Craigslist that gets me discounted lift tickets too, so it’s even better.

I’ve gotten some really good feedback and questions on my HSA articles so you can expect a couple more over the next few weeks.  But today, I’m going to highlight articles from some of my favorite personal finance blogs around the web.  I’ve categorized them too so feel free to read only the ones that sound interesting.

http://seno-aumentare.it/mastoplastica-dual-plane.html mastoplastica dual plane Money

Cat gives the low down on http://naturliche-penisvergroberung.de/penisvergroeserung.html penisvergroeserung how to find freelance work.  She actually lives somewhere in the Caribbean, I don’t know where, but all those islands are about the same anyways, paradise ;)

Harry(yes his name is also Harry!) tells his readers how he http://blogallungareilpene.it/come-aumentare-il-volume-del-pene.html come aumentare il volume del pene withdraws large amounts of money from his online bank fast.  When I read this article on Monday, I actually went to the bank to try it but it was closed for MLK day.

This is the last article in a http://megabrust.de/risiken-einer-brustvergrerung.html risiken einer brustvergrößerung 13 part series about money by Pauline.  13 parts!  Now that takes some dedication.

Good article about why brustvergrößerung augsburg health insurance premiums are going up.  You already know how to fight back(hint: HSA!)

come crescere il pene Real Estate

Leigh talks about her http://www.cliniquebrallet.fr/chirurgie-plastique-paris.html chirurgie plastique paris refinancing process and how much she saved.  If you haven’t refinanced, stop being lazy and go do it and save yourself a ton of money.

comment faire grossir ses sains Food

Holly over at Club Thrifty talks about her new machen deinen Penis größer obsession with juicing.  I also recently got the same obsession but I am making fruit/veggie smoothies…yum

I love food so I think it’s cool that Jason http://agrandirsonpenistest.fr/comment-pouvez-vous-faire-de-votre-pnis-plus-grand.html comment pouvez-vous faire de votre pénis plus grand shares recipes once in a while on his blog.  That monkey bread looks horribly unhealthy but I’m sure it tastes amazing.

I’ve tried caviar a couple times but I think it tastes pretty bad.  It seems like more of an acquired taste though so I’m going to keep trying it.  Liquid Independence talks about his first time eating caviar here.


John took the plunge and became an entrepreneur.  I plan on doing the same some day too but for now I’m pretty happy where I’m at.

Jeremy has some good tips here about blogging.  He’s given me a lot of great tips over the past year that have helped make this blog what it is.

Carnival Mentions

Track All Your Accounts With Personal Capital

Personal CapitalPersonal Capital lets you see all of your accounts in one convenient place.  Sign up now for free.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the mention, Harry! I’ve already made some extra payments on the new mortgage and it turned out to be pretty easy. I think this should be a good move since I’m already saving money.

  2. says

    Hope you get some snow on your mountains :) I’m planning to go snowshoeing for the first time in early Feb. Looking forward to that, but don’t think it will be as exciting as snowboarding. Thanks for the mention.

  3. says

    Sounds like the skiing is pretty good over their in SoCal. I went last weekend to a local ski resort in Ohio and it wasn’t bad but the temperature was pushing 48 degrees that day, hardly skiing whether but it felt good to be on the slopes again.

  4. Bichon Frise says

    Phew! Just finished clearing another hearty 12″ of snow from my driveway. When will it stop?! :)

    I thinking about dipping my toe in the world of prepaid debit card cash advances…

      • Bichon Frise says

        IF you could buy a prepaid debit card, take it to a bank and get the cash out…my head is about to explode just thinking about the possibilities.


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