March CPI down 0.2%: May I Bond Rates Announced

On Tuesday, the labor department announced the latest CPI-U numbers.  With these numbers, you can calculate the upcoming inflation portion of I bonds and determine whether it’s better to buy your bonds now or wait until May.  As you may know, I bonds are composed of an inflation rate and a fixed rate.  The fixed rate […]

Get a Guaranteed 4% Return on $5,000 thru Sharebuilder

I’m on a quest for higher returns(similar to TFB’s double bond movement) and so far I’ve explored peer to peer lending, binary options & REIT’s to name just a few.  There seems to be a ton of ways to earn above average returns but unfortunately, most of them also come with additional risk.  I’m looking […]

Investing in I Bonds: An Intro to I Bonds for Young Investors

For an update on I bonds rates as of(10/18/12), please see: November 2012 I bonds rates are announced: 1.76%.   Believe it or not, the money in your savings and checking accounts is actually losing money.  It doesn’t even matter what bank you have.  Whether you bank online, or brick and mortar; they’re all losing […]