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      Yea the monthly points are awesome, I’m getting 1,050 points a month for just an external transfer and a bill pay to my citi credit card. You were the one who inspired this article so thanks for the points btw! Had to wait 4 months before the points posted though haha.

  1. Jackie says

    Hey Harry – this is great info! I have been considering one of these types of packages myself, though I’m not sure if I’ll go with Citi or Chase or Bank of America. Are you going to do a review of Bank of America as well? Or even Capital One? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on either of those two also.

    Thanks for these reviews! I’m looking forward to the third installment!

    • says

      Hi Jackie, thanks! I don’t have a review planned for B of A since they do a credit pull for opening a checking account. If you’re looking for a primary banking option, Capital One is a great option. I would only use a brick and mortar bank(like Chase, Citi or B of A) as a secondary option though since they charge so many fees and their rates are so pitiful. I really only signed up with Citi/Chase so I would get the sign up bonuses hehe and so that I could do the reviews for my site. I haven’t set foot in an actual bank in years.


  1. […] After all was said and done, I booked the flight, hotel and car for two people for 5 days/4 nights for just over 162,000 points.  If I would have paid in cash, the trip would have cost me $3,316.  I ended up using points from my Chase Ink Bold sign-up bonus, 1 of the 2 award nights from my Chase Hyatt Visa, all 50k of the points from my Citi AA Visa sign-up bonus and 10k from another Citi AA Visa sign-up bonus, and 14,000 points that I accumulated from my Citi Checking bonus. […]

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