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5 Websites That Reward You for Being Healthy

Ever since I got a FitBit for my birthday earlier this year, I’ve been obsessed with tracking everything. If you know me, that’s not too surprising, as I’m a Type A organized person as it is. However, the FitBit brought out something new. I wasn’t competing against other people, I was competing against my (admittedly physically lazy) self. Suddenly, I had to walk at least 5,000 steps a day, and I almost had a party for myself when I reached 10,000 steps on day 2 with the FitBit. 5 websites healthy rewards

However, I’m also driven by side hustling, so of course I started thinking about how I could make money from this new obsession. No way someone would actually pay me to work out, right? That’s almost too easy. However, it’s not a gimmick: there are companies out there who are willing to reward us for being healthy!

Keep reading to find out which companies are willing to reward us for our healthy habits. [Continue reading]

Signs that you’re slipping on your savings

Everyone is guilty of falling short of their monthly savings plan, or having to dig into this account to pay for an unexpected cost. However, there is a difference between essential and non-essential items you could be using this money on. And once you start utilising your savings, or not committing to them at all, it is easy to fall completely off-track. To stay ahead in your own financial goals, below are some common signs that you may be starting to slip on your savings. [Continue reading]