What’s In Your Wallet?

No this article isn’t about a Capital One Commercial, although I’m not gonna lie, any commercial featuring Samuel L. Jackson has got to be good!  Instead, today we’re going to dissect exactly what is and isn’t in my wallet.  I’ve been on this weird semi-minimalist kick over the past few months where I’m trying to make my life more efficient by removing everything that I don’t use.  And even though it might not seem like a big deal, most people’s wallets carry a lot of un-needed junk.

In fact, my minimalist streak isn’t limited to material things either.  I’ve turned off all push notifications on my phone (E-mail, FB, etc) in an attempt to be more efficient and I try to only check e-mail a few times a day now.  I can’t tell you how many times I used to look at my phone just to look at it.  Wait, so where was I?  Right, back to my wallet!

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My Favorite Frugal Fall Activities

Frugal Fall ActivitiesPFP: Living in SoCal has its benefits but it would be nice to see the leaves change color once in a while.  Today, PF Pro contributor Kali Hawlk takes a look at all the best free activities out there to do during the fall.  Personally, I think the best types of activities are the free ones and if you look hard, you will be amazed at the opportunity out there to have fun for little to no cost.

Fall is, hands down, my favorite time of year. I live in the South, and you do not know how amazing it is to simply exist outside until you have endured 90 degree heat with a gazillion percent humidity one day, and then a comfy, breezy, 70 degree, not-a-cloud-in-the-blue-sky day with zero humidity the next.

Fall is also great for the abundance of opportunities to get out and enjoy the day for cheap or entirely free. So forget about your pumpkin spice latte. (Seriously, please leave it behind. It’s not that good and doesn’t even contain pumpkin, people.) Instead, grab your friends and family and try one of my favorite frugal fall activities this season. [Continue reading]

How Much Does It Cost To Go To FinCon? (And My Biggest Takeaway From The Conference)

One of the coolest parts about being a personal finance blogger is the community that I get to engage with on a daily basis.  I started blogging three years ago as a way to really just jot down all my thoughts on personal finance.  A lot of times … [Continue reading]

140,000 Points From The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card From Chase & Unboxing Video

As someone who’s applied and been approved for over 30 cards over the past five years, I’ve seen some pretty great offers come and go.  In fact, I still remember the first offer that got me started on this miles, points and credit card journey that … [Continue reading]

Reader Question: How To Use Points & Miles To Get To North Carolina

American Airlines LAX to Raleigh Durham Cash Cost

Today I'm featuring a question I received via e-mail a few weeks ago.  Reader RB would love to go visit her boyfriend in North Carolina but she's a starving student.  So how can she use miles and points to make it all the way from Cali to North … [Continue reading]