You Don’t Have to Be A Financial Expert to Act Like One

When we think about money experts, we sometimes picture someone who is all-seeing, all-knowing about the world of finance. But the reality is often starkly different. The world’s most successful financial people are the ones who know what they know, and have a team of experts to help them with the rest. That’s where a company like TIAA CREF comes into the picture.

TIAA CREF is able to anticipate complex changes in the world of international finance by employing a team of experts. But rather than simply making educated decisions and passing them on to customers like you, they have an amazing way of explaining the factors that go into these decisions. It just takes a quick glance at one of their videos to see just how this operates. [Continue reading]

The Benefits of Doing Your Own Landscaping

This past weekend, I turned into a gardener and laborer. For context, my fiance has a vision and design for our backyard, and we finally have the resources (aka disposable income) to fully redo the backyard and make it an enjoyable space. However, while we have some disposable income for fixing up the backyard, that doesn’t extend to the labor part, hence my change from a writer into a gardener/laborer.

Initially, we thought we’d hire a landscaper to help us with the design and execution, but that was not to be the case. In the end, I discovered you can do many landscape projects yourself with a little creativity and sweat equity. Sure, you may have to buy some things, like plants, rocks, or brick, but you can save a lot of money on many outdoor projects.

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