How to Save Using Cash-Back Sites

It’s that time of year, when stores are offering huge discounts and deals, hoping you’ll shop with them. If you’re like many people, you’ll be shopping this season from the comfort of your home, not worried about fighting through traffic only to find the item you came for is out of stock.

Here at Your PF Pro, we talk a lot about saving and not making impulse purchases. However, this time of year, there are often very good deals to be had that will save you a lot of money. For example, if you’re in the market for a TV, November is one of the best times of the year to buy one because the deals are in your favor. The same goes for certain electronics, clothes, and more.

That said, we still want to save money, even if we’re already getting our gifts (for ourselves and others!) at a discount. Since you may be shopping online anyway, you may as well get additional cash back. Using cash-back rebate sites are an absolute must if you’re shopping online. Even if you don’t find a store offering a cash back deal, many of these sites also list coupons, meaning you’ll save more than you may have expected. Here are some cash-back sites you’ll want to check out before you make your next purchase online!

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You Don’t Have to Be A Financial Expert to Act Like One

When we think about money experts, we sometimes picture someone who is all-seeing, all-knowing about the world of finance. But the reality is often starkly different. The world’s most successful financial people are the ones who know what they know, and have a team of experts to help them with the rest. That’s where a company like TIAA CREF comes into the picture.

TIAA CREF is able to anticipate complex changes in the world of international finance by employing a team of experts. But rather than simply making educated decisions and passing them on to customers like you, they have an amazing way of explaining the factors that go into these decisions. It just takes a quick glance at one of their videos to see just how this operates. [Continue reading]