Earn 140,000 Points And $505 From The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa

I wrote about The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa a few months ago and the day that I posted my article was the same day that that deal died.  Yes I am that lucky.  But as One Mile At A Time reported the other day, that deal is now back on and if you apply right now, it could be better than ever!

If you want a quick history lesson on this card, I suggest you go read my initial post on this card (I even shot a cool unboxing video that’s been viewed over 1,000 times!).  But the gist of it is, this card will give you 140,000 points and a $300 airline credit per calendar year for a $395 annual fee.  There are some other benefits but since I don’t ever stay at Ritz-Carlton hotels they don’t mean much to me (The Lounge Club access is pretty cool but I already get access through all my Ink cards).

A $395 Annual Fee?!

You might be thinking that no card is worth that kind of annual fee but I would gladly pay $395 for 140,000 points and here’s why.  Once you rack up 270,000 points, you can redeem them for a Marriott travel package that will get you 7 nights at a Cat 1-5 Marriott and 110,000 Southwest points that count towards companion status.

Ignoring the hotel rooms completely, that’s $1,600+ in Southwest Wanna Get Away fares and if you bring your companion along, that’s $3,200 worth of flights!  So if you and your wife were to apply for this card, you’d pay $790 in annual fees and get up to $3,200 in Southwest flights  plus 7 nights at any Marriott around the world. [Continue reading]

Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letters – An Infographic

Going away to college for the first time is tough, and picking which school to go to can be just as challenging. Every college or university has their pros and cons. You may like the campus but feel too far from home. You may love the school culture, but can’t find your desired course of study. There are a million factors to consider, but possibly the most important one of all is financial.

Every school that accepts you will send you a financial aid award letter. This document illustrates how much your school costs, how much help you’ll get paying for it, and how much money you’ll be expected to take out in federal or private student loans. The infographic goes into detail, but we’ll talk about these issues here to help it all make sense. [Continue reading]

Free 1 Hour Portfolio Review With Personal Capital (Phone Call)

Free 1 Hour Portfolio Review With Personal Capital (Phone Call) Asset Allocation

As some of you may be aware, one of my married life resolutions has been to work on streamlining my finances.  In the past, I kept a separate Mint account for me and my wife but going forward we're going to be using just one joint Personal Capital … [Continue reading]