Reader Question: How Should I Invest my HSA?

Editor’s Note: For those who aren’t familiar with Health Savings Accounts, I’ve written extensively on the topic before, take a look.

Reader GP writes in this week asking about HSA’s:

I’ve got a pretty substantial HSA balance now and I need to know how to invest it.

Simple and to the point, I like those types of questions. As you may or may not know, HSA’s are my favorite investment vehicle of all time. I probably won’t stop writing about them until everyone in America has one. The reason why I love HSA’s so much are because they encompass two things close to my heart: they stick it to the insurance industry and they allow you to completely avoid taxes.

HSA’s force you to consider the cost of medical procedures and insurance only comes into play when you truly need it(ie a catastrophic event). There’s no point in insuring things like simple doctor visits and routine check-ups since we know we’re going to need those. Involving a third party in something like that is only going to make it more expensive: that’s ECON 101.

There are lots of reasons to not like paying taxes but an HSA is the only answer I’ve found to truly(and legally) avoiding taxes. The money you put into an HSA is tax free, the money you take out is tax free and your investment gain is tax free. Do I need to say more? [Continue reading]

Millennials in the Workplace: 5 Etiquette Tips for Success

What Working Millennials Need to Know for Professional SuccessAlong with courses in personal finance, our education system seems to be largely lacking in a general course that teaches working Millennials about professional office etiquette. While business majors may get this information, the rest of us typically have to pick up on what’s appropriate and what’s not from our experiences.

As Millennials, we’re probably prone to a little more flack from older generations. Our older coworkers are bringing their own ideas of what today’s 20- and 30-somethings are like to the table, and we need to make sure we don’t fulfill too many of their negative stereotypes.

Unfortunately, because so many of us never learned about what’s expected from Millennials in the workplace, we’re living up to someone else’s negative expectations a little too often.

Check out these five tips on common office etiquette and rules of thumb on what’s acceptable behavior – and what’s not – in professional settings. [Continue reading]

Book Review of the White Coat Investor and Giveaway!

Book Review of the White Coat Investor

Editor's Note: Leave a comment below to be entered to win one of two copies of the book! It was right around this time one year ago when we found out that my fiancee had gotten into medical school. She had always dreamed of becoming a doctor and now … [Continue reading]

How to Efficiently Send Money Online Within the US

How to Efficiently Send Money Online Within the US

Editor's Note: Today we have a guest post from my friend and fellow blogger Logan Lemberger.  I've actually known him since we were kids and played in the same basketball league at our local park.  Now a days though, Logan works for a cool new … [Continue reading]

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What's the Best Fix for a Broken iPhone Screen?

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Reader Question: What to do After Your Identity Has Been Hacked

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Using a Credit Card to Buy Fee Free Stocks with Loyal3

Using a Credit Card to Buy Fee Free Stocks with Loyal3

It's easier than ever to invest your money in stocks these days.  Not only are companies battling it out when it comes to lower fees and expense ratios but lately we've even seen a rash of companies that are allowing individual investors to buy and … [Continue reading]

Santander Bank Extra20 Checking: $20/Month for Free

Santander Bank Extra20 Checking

I love free money.  You probably hear that from a lot of people but I don’t think any of them mean it as much as I do.  I really love free money.  So when an opportunity like this comes up for a recurring $20 a month for about 15-30 minutes of work, … [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your 401(k)

When I started this site back in 2011, it was only a hobby.  I didn't ever expect to gain the following that I now have or turn it into a viable business but that's what it's become.  Over the years, I've picked up a ton of knowledge about topics … [Continue reading]

100,000 American Airline Miles for One Credit Card Sign-Up

100,000 American Airline Miles for One Credit Card Sign-Up

Since I'll be using nearly half a million points this summer on various hotels and flights for my honeymoon I've been on the lookout for a big score when it comes to credit card sign-up bonuses. I still currently have a few hundred thousand points … [Continue reading]