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You’ll Be Happier With Your Finances in Order. Trust Me.

I know I’m just some guy writing on the internet. But I try to put a little nugget in every post I write, and this time I’m going to tell you that you will be happier if your finances are not a mess. At any given moment, I am here to argue, you are investing in either financial stability or financial instability. It may be that you do a little of both and your efforts cancel each other out. For instance, you cancel your Hulu membership to save the $8 a month, but then you spend too much at one of those by-weight FroYo places (I know…I know…it looks so light and fluffy). Making financial decisions with consistency is much harder. Some people seem to have no problem making consistently poor financial decisions, but those who always make good money moves are in short supply. [Continue reading]

Being a Prepper is Financially Savvy

Prepping often gets a bad, or weird, reputation in mainstream media. Prepping, as it’s referred to, is basically being prepared for a major disaster where emergency personnel can’t get to you for several days. Some people take it further and try to have enough prepping supplies to last 6 months or longer, but for the purposes of this post, I’m going to discuss prepping for a short amount of time.

Surviving for a few days on your own is not a far-fetched belief only followed by the overzealous. In graduate school I studied emergency management and disaster response. One of the most frightening/interesting things I learned is that, in the event of a significant disaster, you must be prepared to survive on your own for 72 hours.

That’s actually why the government recommends you “prep” with a 72 hour (3 days) kit, since it could take emergency responders up to 72 hours to reach you. In reality, it could take more or less time to reach you, depending on the magnitude of the disaster and the number of injuries or causalities. If you’re not seriously injured, emergency personnel may request you stay in your shelter (if it’s adequate) while they triage others in worse situations than you.

All that said, prepping is financially savvy and highly recommended. What you see on Doomsday Preppers, for example, is but one extreme way to prep. In reality, it doesn’t take much time, space, or money to effectively prep, and prepping can actually save you money.

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