How Would You Earn $1,000?

Earn 1000Last week, I opened the floor to the awesome readers here and asked how you all would spend $1,000. There were some great responses and ideas, and I loved getting a wealth of different opinions.

This week, I’d like to approach this on the flip side. It’s easy and fun to talk about how we would use $1,000. But how would you earn $1,000? I’ll go through my ideas with you here on how to earn an extra thousand bucks in a month, and then I want to hear from you again!

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Liability Car Insurance Coverage and Auto Accidents

Editor’s Note: We’re back on the mainland and exploring Athens today: checking out a Hamman bath house and drinking lots of Freddo Cappucinos.  Athens probably isn’t on most people’s honeymoon list but it’s a pretty amazing city.  It reminds me a lot of my time in Budapest and there is a ton to do and see that isn’t your typical touristy stuff.  It didn’t hurt either that I was able to book us 3 nights at the Grand Bretagne in Athens using Starwood’s Cash and Points option :)  This hotel is one of the nicest properties I’ve ever stayed in and I’ll be giving a full report starting next week when we get back from our honeymoon.

Today, I’m featuring a post from fellow SoCal guy and blogging buddy of mine Gary.  Gary is a financial expert who started to help U.S. consumers navigate the challenges of finding cheap car insurance coverage. Check out his articles to learn how to compare policies, companies, premiums and discounts.

Every type of car insurance comes with its own pros, cons, sets of regulations and limitations with auto insurance companies. Liability insurance policyholders need to realize the importance of understanding their coverage when it comes to choosing a company and making a claim after an auto accident. Luckily, there are some simple answers to many of the most common questions about liability car insurance and coverage.

What Is Liability Insurance?

Liability car insurance is the most common type of auto insurance. It is comprised of three types of coverage: damage caused to other vehicles; injuries sustained by the other vehicle’s driver and passengers in an accident; and damages caused by you to property, such as structures, street signs, and homes, are covered in a good liability insurance policy. [Continue reading]

My Latest Credit Card App O Rama Nets 250,000 Points and $200: Applying and Spending

My Latest Credit Card App O Rama Nets 250,000 Points and $200: Applying and Spending

This is part two of our two part series about my latest credit card App O Rama and how I netted 250,000 points and $200.  Part 1 covered preparation and strategy for an App O Rama of this kind of magnitude and today we'll talk about how the … [Continue reading]

Update: Racking Up 100,000 Miles & $200 Cash with Loyal3

Update: Racking Up Miles & Points with Loyal3

I wrote an article a few months ago about a new company called Loyal3 and how you can use a credit card to purchase stocks for free.  Now I don't really invest in many individual stocks due to the uncompensated risk, but I do like exploring new ways … [Continue reading]

How to Fly on American Airlines for Free (or Close to it)

How to Fly on American Airlines for Free or Close to it

I've worked in the aerospace industry for almost 5 years now since I graduated college. And whenever I tell people what line of work I'm in, they undoubtedly ask if I ever get to fly in the planes I work on for free. Sadly the answer is always no, … [Continue reading]