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3 Reasons to Sell Your Structured Settlement or Annuity

In general, if you have a structured settlement or annuity, you should keep it. These two similar financial products come into your life for two totally different reasons. In the case of the annuity, you, an employer, or a loved one has saved up money gradually to serve as income for you after retirement or other time of life. Structured Settlements are awarded to plaintiffs when the opposition decides to settle out of court. Both financial instruments are periodic payouts assigned to lump sums. The money trickles in a few hundred or thousand dollars at a time, but it’s steady income for someone who really needs it. [Continue reading]

Money Advice for New Grads

When I graduated from college, I thought I knew a lot. I knew how to do laundry, how to feed myself and save money at the same time, and how to interview well. All very valuable things you need to know by the time you graduate from college, or so I thought. While I wouldn’t know it at the time, the journey to becoming a completely self-sufficient adult had a few bumps and a lot of learning experiences. Knowing how to meal plan and interview well for jobs is important, but one thing you’re rarely taught is how to approach and handle your money after graduation. For all of the recent graduates out there, I hope this money advice comes in handy, doesn’t scare you, and makes you hustle a little harder. It’s not always easy going from the comfortable, reliable college life to life in the real world, but it’s a ride you certainly won’t ever forget! [Continue reading]