Why I Choose Self-Employment

Although my self-employment experiment only lasted for about four months last summer, I can relate to a lot of the issues that self-employed people face every day: loneliness, only getting paid when you work and so forth.  I like doing a mix of both but in a few years who knows where my feelings will lie.  Today, PF Pro contributor, Kali Hawlk takes a look at what it’s like being self-employed and how exactly do you stay motivated on those days when you’d rather not work?

Today is one of those days where the only thing I want to do is grab a book I’m reading, make a cup of tea, and make a blanket fort to crawl into and hide from the world like I did when I was a kid.

But unfortunately, when you’re the boss of a small digital business, that’s not an option. Not if you want to keep making money, that is.

There are a lot of business-related fires to put out right now, but I’m tired and it’s cold outside, and a small part of me feels jealous of people who work as employees in someone else’s business.

Every day, I get to make a choice. I can work hard and keep hustling… or I can wander off and go play all day. I’ll be honest with you: I completely underestimated how difficult it is to stay self-motivated and self-driven when you work for yourself out of your own home. The responsibility and the pressure to perform is tiring, to say the least. Some self-employed days I feel powerful and successful. Other days I feel like I’m hanging on to a runaway freight train and it’s all I can do to keep from falling off.

To be sure, this whiny, woe-is-me confession is not my finest self-employed moment. But in making it, I’m reminded why I choose self-employment again and again. [Continue reading]

How We’re Travel Hacking Our Way to Peru in April 2015

Travel Hacking to PeruFor me, there is really no greater feeling than traveling for free.  I tell people the places we’ve stayed and the flights we’ve taken, all for next to nothing and I’m pretty sure a majority of them think I’m full of it.  But I always tell people that you should give every single thing in life a chance, no matter how crazy it sounds.  Traveling around the world for free is one of those things that sounds too good to be true but it’s very very possible.  Today, PF Pro contributor, Kali Hawlk takes a look at how you can take advantage of 1-2 credit cards a year and score some mega savings.  I might have to copy her trip too since we’d like to go to Machu Picchu some day :)

One of my favorite discoveries after starting a financial blog: travel hacking.

The thought of having credit card companies essentially subsidize something I’m passionate about — travel — was one of those “got to to be too good to be true” deals at first. But I quickly learned that there really wasn’t a catch, so long as you didn’t spend more than you normally would and paid off your credit card balances on time and in full.

This was the perfect deal for me. I enthusiastically started travel hacking late in 2013 for my first overseas trip ever, when we went to Dublin, Ireland and Scotland in April 2014. With taking out just one Barclay World Arrival credit card and strategically putting purchases I needed to make anyway on the card (think car repairs and Christmas gifts), I was able to rack up enough points to save me about $700 total.  [Continue reading]

Free 1 Hour Portfolio Review With Personal Capital (Phone Call)

Free 1 Hour Portfolio Review With Personal Capital (Phone Call) Asset Allocation

As some of you may be aware, one of my married life resolutions has been to work on streamlining my finances.  In the past, I kept a separate Mint account for me and my wife but going forward we're going to be using just one joint Personal Capital … [Continue reading]