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8 Ways to Stand Out with Your Resume

8 Ways to Stand Out with Your Resume

Impression is everything when it comes to landing a job. That impression mainly comes from how you present yourself and of course, your resume. With the increasing number of job seekers every year, it’s not unusual for employers to simply glance at resume when deciding on people who can take the next step in their job application. Besides, they do not have the time in the world to read every resume. And that includes your resume, so you need to make them toss your resume in the “yes” pile.

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Now That You’ve Paid Your Taxes, START A BUDGET!

I make little budget PSAs all the time. And it’s not like you don’t hear about budgeting all the time anyway. This is something that the financially literate drone on about all the time. But it’s no less true simply because it’s a cliche. Those who really get into budgeting understand that this is how you start to really take control of your finances. A detailed budget enables you to truly scrutinize the coming and going of your money. Without it, you’ll likely waste thousands of dollars a year, even if you don’t feel like you have that much money to spare. Most of us do, even if you don’t make a lot of money. Budgets illuminate this reality and let you use every penny for more effective purposes. I’ve been a budget believer for a long time. You could use budgeting software, but I prefer a regular old excel spreadsheet. Here are elements that every budget should have. [Continue reading]