Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement?

Saving Too Much for RetirementOver the weekend, I skimmed past a headline that read: You Might Be Saving Too Much for Retirement.

Cue screeching tires coming to a halt. Scratching of abruptly stopped records.

I did a digital double-take and quickly scrolled back up on the Twitter feed I was reading on my phone.

What kind of nonsense is this? I thought. I clicked on the link, and I was disappointed to find the article was pretty much a bunch of nonsense.

It was written by an individual already well into retirement today, who was into their 70s, and who took advantage of current Social Security rules that provide you maximum benefits if you wait til 70 to start withdrawing them. This individual had played by the book, financially speaking, and was a diligent saver during their working years and paid off the mortgage to the home they planned to live out their days in before they hit retirement.

They had an ample nest egg and no debt. Their Social Security all but covered their necessary expenses, leaving all that money they’d saved up available for discretionary spending. They concluded they had saved too much while they were working, and regretted not “living it up” a little more while they were young. [Continue reading]

How Much Does It Cost To Go To FinCon? (And My Biggest Takeaway From The Conference)

One of the coolest parts about being a personal finance blogger is the community that I get to engage with on a daily basis.  I started blogging three years ago as a way to really just jot down all my thoughts on personal finance.  A lot of times when I can’t remember why I’m investing my HSA a certain way or what the process was like applying for my latest credit card, I can simply look back and read one of my old articles.

The thing that’s surprised me most though during my blogging tenure is how awesome and friendly other bloggers have been.  Unlike most industries, PF bloggers are one big family and they’re all pretty much willing to help each other out(as long as you approach it the right way of course).  Over the years, I’ve e-mailed back and forth with countless bloggers but I have never met any of them in person.  That all changed with this year’s FinCon though. [Continue reading]

140,000 Points From The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card From Chase & Unboxing Video

As someone who’s applied and been approved for over 30 cards over the past five years, I’ve seen some pretty great offers come and go.  In fact, I still remember the first offer that got me started on this miles, points and credit card journey that … [Continue reading]

Reader Question: How To Use Points & Miles To Get To North Carolina

American Airlines LAX to Raleigh Durham Cash Cost

Today I'm featuring a question I received via e-mail a few weeks ago.  Reader RB would love to go visit her boyfriend in North Carolina but she's a starving student.  So how can she use miles and points to make it all the way from Cali to North … [Continue reading]

Playing Chicken With DirecTV: How to Lower Your Bill and Get Free NFL Sunday Ticket Max

Playing Chicken With DirecTV: How to Lower Your Bill and Get Free NFL Sunday Ticket Max

I signed up for DirecTV a little over a year ago when we moved from San Diego to Newport Beach.  I used to have ATT U-Verse and I loved their service: it was less than a hundred dollars for internet and TV and I got everything I wanted.  And since I … [Continue reading]