3 Ways New Grads Can Stand Out at Work

Congratulations, class of 2016! You’ve graduated, and now you’re probably beginning to think about your new job and long term career plans. While you may not know what you want to do long term, your next job is very important to launching you in the right path.

No matter the job, every new opportunity can teach you something. Your first job out of school might not be a long-term job, but there are ways you can learn and stand out at work. If you do want to remain in your company and feel like you’ve found the perfect fit, these strategies will help you stand out and promote faster in your organization.

If you’re looking for ways to position yourself to a better job, or progress within your current company, check out these 3 ways new grads can stand out at work.

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Refinancing Options Available to You

There are several reasons why you refinance a mortgage. You may want to get a better interest rate and reduce the cost of your monthly payment. Take earned equity from your home and then use it for things such as renovations or paying off debt. Or, you may want to reduce the length of your loan. Before applying, it’s best to understand all your available options. Are you going to sell in the next five to seven years? Do you work on commissions where fluctuating payments may be the best fit? Are you on a tight budget and need the lowest possible payment for the first few years? All these scenarios weigh into your final decision. It’s best to put your trust in the hands of professionals like Flagship Financial Group, who will review your options. [Continue reading]

5 Tips for New Home Buyers

In one of my last posts on Your PF Pro, I summarized what it's like to sell your house and how to avoid some of the mistakes we made. Now that we've (almost) sold our home, we've put an offer down on our new home - and it was accepted! A lot of … [Continue reading]

Tax Myth

Tax Myths IG

Taxes. We all do them, so why do so many myths about taxes and refunds persist? You probably believe one of the biggest myths about tax refunds: that people don't get much back from the IRS. In fact, in 2015 the average refund was $2,815. In 2014, 13 … [Continue reading]