9 Unexpected Ways Your Budget Leaks Cash

Budget LeaksWe all know about the usual ways cash can leak out of our budgets: spending too much at the grocery store thanks to impulse purchases, going out and buying lunch at work instead of brown-bagging it, or saying “I deserve it!”and treating yourself one too many times.

These extra purchases can leave us with a busted budget at the end of the month, but they usually stand out. It’s easy to realize spending $10 a day for a lunch of soda and a less-than-fresh sandwich from a convenience store is something that can go to make both our wallets (and health) happier.

The unexpected ways your budget is leaking cash, however, is more of a problem. These costs take us by surprise — and can therefore go unnoticed for a long time.

Here are 9 expenses to keep an eye on — along with ideas on how to fix those budget leaks if you’re currently experiencing them. [Continue reading]

Honeymoon Trip Report: My First Aegean Airlines Flight and 3 Nights in the Most Beautiful Island in The World

My First Aegean Flight

In order to get to Santorini, I booked us a flight on Aegean Airlines that routed through Athens using my United miles.  Aegean is a Star Alliance Partner of United so I was able to pay 25,000 miles plus $129 for about $400 worth of flights.  Looking back, I didn’t really get the best redemption rate on this route because of the taxes but I did redeem for just above 1 cent per point.

Next time, I will just pay cash and save the points for a business class redemption or a longer haul flight.  It’s hard to get high redemption rates on short haul flights so those are usually the best flights to pay cash on. [Continue reading]

My Latest Credit Card App O Rama Nets 250,000 Points and $200: Applying and Spending

My Latest Credit Card App O Rama Nets 250,000 Points and $200: Applying and Spending

This is part two of our two part series about my latest credit card App O Rama and how I netted 250,000 points and $200.  Part 1 covered preparation and strategy for an App O Rama of this kind of magnitude and today we'll talk about how the … [Continue reading]