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Signs that you’re slipping on your savings

Everyone is guilty of falling short of their monthly savings plan, or having to dig into this account to pay for an unexpected cost. However, there is a difference between essential and non-essential items you could be using this money on. And once you start utilising your savings, or not committing to them at all, it is easy to fall completely off-track. To stay ahead in your own financial goals, below are some common signs that you may be starting to slip on your savings. [Continue reading]

Sarcasm and Verbal Abuse: A Fine Line in the Workplace

Programs like The Office have brought workplace politics to the public’s attention with a touch of humour. But it’s not quite so funny when this reflects your real-life workplace. Sarcastic comments, common in Australian culture, can sometimes be interpreted as verbal abuse, and it’s important that you, as a worker, know where to draw the line. [Continue reading]