3 Ways You May Be Losing Money Without Realizing It

Have you ever been accused of being the sort of person whose pockets have holes, burned through by money? If you’re this kind of person, and many of us are, money management doesn’t come naturally to you. Don’t let this tendency get the better of you. Most people start out this way. Sometimes it just takes a little learning and experience to get the hang of proper money management. If you start today, you can start investing in a future where you have a lot more financial freedom. But to make it happen, you’ve got to start working and learning today. Here are some ways to make it happen. [Continue reading]

Would You Get a Mortgage Without Your Spouse?

When my fiance and I started planning our future together, one thing we both agreed on was to sell his current house and buy a house together. While his house is great, we both agree it’s time to move to a better neighborhood and into a house with a pool (almost a must when you live in Phoenix!)

As we began to look more seriously into the home-buying process, we started to consider the possibility of one of us buying the house without the other. While many might think it strange to get a mortgage without their spouse, sometimes it can make sense. Read on for more reasons why some people get a mortgage without their spouse.

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