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Pain-Free Loans Are In Your Future

A detailed list of your cash comings and goings is a great way to see how much you need to make to cover your basic needs and how to prioritize your spending habits to allow for the things you want. Sometimes, however, unlucky months can bring a lot of financial responsibilities. If you’ve seen a month where you’ve had to wipe out your “want” allowance and still find yourself short, don’t worry. You can get back on track and make ends meet with an online loan. [Continue reading]

What Renewed Relations With Cuba Could Mean for You

Fewer than two weeks ago, the U.S. re-opened the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, marking the beginning of a new opening of Cuba to more Americans. While non-Americans and Americans with specific purposes were able to visit Cuba before, the re-establishment of a U.S. Embassy signifies a change in U.S. attitude toward the island.

If you’re wondering what renewed diplomacy means for personal finance, you might be surprised at the economic potential of Cuba. While you may not be in the position to finance multi-million dollar projects, thawing relations with Cuba presents a unique investment opportunity. Here is what change in Cuba could mean for you in terms of personal finance.

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Should You Marry Someone in Debt?

Is your future spouse entering the marriage with debt? Before getting married, take into account these debt considerations.

With almost half of Millennial households burden by some form of debt, many Millennials are likely to face the challenges of debt repayment with their spouse. However, disagreements about money is one of the top reasons couples get divorced, and debt … [Continue reading]