How to Give In to Lifestyle Inflation the Right Way

give in to lifestyle inflationMy financial philosophy developed out of a desire to make the most of my meager wages. When I started my professional career after gradating college, I made $12 per hour. Thankfully, I didn’t have any debt — or paying all my bills and saving a little money each month would have been impossible.

Still, it was hard enough to pay for my living expenses and save, too. Because I made so little, I was focused on spending as little as I could so that there’d be enough money each month to go around.

Since that time, however, I’ve advanced in my career and even quit working for someone else in order to become my own boss, running my own business. I make significantly more than twelve bucks an hour now, and my focus has shifted from gotta spend less! to how can I earn more

Earning more each year is a good position to be in, and I’m thankful. Every time I bump my earnings up, I make it that much easier for me to achieve my financial goals and reach financial success.

But it also leaves me vulnerable to a phenomenon that has wrecked the potential wealth of many, many people: lifestyle inflation. [Continue reading]

Taking Personal Capital For a Spin: A 20-Something Budgeter’s Perspective

Editor’s Note: Today I’m featuring an article from one of our readers named Ashley!  A few months ago I wrote a review about Personal Capital and Ashley wrote in to me asking if she could tell her story of how she got started with PC and how it’s helped her.  Naturally, I obliged so today I’m bringing you her story.  I hope you guys enjoy it and please let us know what you think in the comments.

Over the years, I have tried several budgeting software and techniques. Like millions of others out there, I was determined to save more, spend less, and pay off debts. However, none of the budgeting methods I used would stick. I thought it was just because of my bad habits, but now I realize it is because none of the software or techniques have been fully suited to my unique budget.

The older I get, the more advanced and complicated my finances become. My financial worries use to consist of me worrying if I had enough money in my budget for a fast food run. Now, I have a 401K, a mortgage, multiple banking accounts, and unfortunately some credit card debt. [Continue reading]

Reader Question: How To Use Points & Miles To Get To North Carolina

American Airlines LAX to Raleigh Durham Cash Cost

Today I'm featuring a question I received via e-mail a few weeks ago.  Reader RB would love to go visit her boyfriend in North Carolina but she's a starving student.  So how can she use miles and points to make it all the way from Cali to North … [Continue reading]

Playing Chicken With DirecTV: How to Lower Your Bill and Get Free NFL Sunday Ticket Max

Playing Chicken With DirecTV: How to Lower Your Bill and Get Free NFL Sunday Ticket Max

I signed up for DirecTV a little over a year ago when we moved from San Diego to Newport Beach.  I used to have ATT U-Verse and I loved their service: it was less than a hundred dollars for internet and TV and I got everything I wanted.  And since I … [Continue reading]

Honeymoon Trip Report: Free Flights to Rome on American Airlines

Honeymoon Trip Report Free Flights to Rome on American Airlines

As most of you know, I’ve been gone for the past few weeks on my honeymoon.  I’d like to thank all of my friends who posted in my absence and while the honeymoon was awesome, I’m also glad to be back home and get back to work. This is the first … [Continue reading]