What We Can All Feel Grateful for This Thanksgiving

feel gratefulI have a lot to be thankful for this year but today, PF Pro contributor, Kali Hawlk shares what we can all feel grateful for!

Happy day-before Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, I thought it was only appropriate to spend some time thinking about gratitude and expressing appreciation for the good stuff.

But instead of telling you what I’m grateful for, I wanted to share what we can all be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

A Wealth of Resources

If you participate in the personal finance blogosphere — whether as a writer, reader, or both — you have access to a wealth of resources, information, and crowd-sourced knowledge about money. And all for free!

As bloggers or blog readers, we can tap into countless personal stories and experiences to help us navigate our own financial decisions, problems, and emergencies. This is no small thing, even though we may sometimes take it for granted. After all, we don’t think of blogging as terribly serious most of the time. [Continue reading]

Should I Cash Out Refi To Pay For My Wife’s Student Loans?

For those who weren’t aware, going to medical school can be pretty expensive.  Our current debt load from just under a year and a half of schooling now sits at $65,000.  We’re actually lucky to ‘only owe’ that much too since there are private schools that are much more expensive than the public school my wife attends.  And since I’m working full-time, we don’t need to take out loans for living expenses since my salary and side business income covers that and then some.

Doctor Blues

Becoming a doctor isn’t as lucrative as it once was, seeing as how tuition has steadily increased and pay has steadily decreased, but it is still a good investment (just not a great one).  The government doesn’t seem to think so though since they currently set the rates for unsubsidized and subsidized graduate loans at 6.21% and 7.21%.  Future-doctors suffer because they are lumped in to the same category of loans with lawyers, PHD students, MBA’s, etc and they all get the same interest rate.  That’s great for the M.S.’ers but not such good news for the MD’s since now they are effectively forced to subsidize everyone else’s education. [Continue reading]

Free 1 Hour Portfolio Review With Personal Capital (Phone Call)

Free 1 Hour Portfolio Review With Personal Capital (Phone Call) Asset Allocation

As some of you may be aware, one of my married life resolutions has been to work on streamlining my finances.  In the past, I kept a separate Mint account for me and my wife but going forward we're going to be using just one joint Personal Capital … [Continue reading]