How Would You Spend $1000?

how would you spend $1000Recently, I made an “extra” $1,000 off a one-time gig. The earnings were completely unexpected and in addition to my regular, average income, which is why I’m considering it extra cash.

If you’re anything like me, whenever you have extra money on hand the ways you could spend that cash quickly add up to more than you actually have. There’s always a choice to be made. And that can be difficult, as I feel there’s a lot of pressure to ensure $1,000 doesn’t go to waste.

So I’m trying to narrow down the options and choose the smartest place to put this bit of extra income. Here are the ideas I’ve come up with so far — but I’m curious to know, how would you spend $1000? [Continue reading]

What Is The Difference Between HMO And PPO?

Editor’s Note: Hey guys, right now I’m sitting on the edge of a volcano looking down at the amazing caldera views of Santorini.  Everything they say about the views, the food, the sunset, it’s all true.  Stay tuned for my honeymoon trip review when I get back and I’ll tell you guys all about it!  

In the mean time, we have a post from my friend Derek at FinanceQA.  Derek has been blogging and working in the online sphere for almost 10 years so I hope you guys enjoy his answer to the following question:

Kathleen D. from Fairbanks, Alaska asked the following question

I am currently shopping for health insurance and frankly, I am overwhelmed by the different kinds of plans available. In particular, I am a little bit confused by two main terms, HMO and PPO. What is the difference between HMO and PPO? [Continue reading]

My Latest Credit Card App O Rama Nets 250,000 Points and $200: Applying and Spending

This is part two of our two part series about my latest credit card App O Rama and how I netted 250,000 points and $200.  Part 1 covered preparation and strategy for an App O Rama of this kind of magnitude and today we'll talk about how the … [Continue reading]

Update: Racking Up 100,000 Miles & $200 Cash with Loyal3

Update: Racking Up Miles & Points with Loyal3

I wrote an article a few months ago about a new company called Loyal3 and how you can use a credit card to purchase stocks for free.  Now I don't really invest in many individual stocks due to the uncompensated risk, but I do like exploring new ways … [Continue reading]

How to Fly on American Airlines for Free (or Close to it)

How to Fly on American Airlines for Free or Close to it

I've worked in the aerospace industry for almost 5 years now since I graduated college. And whenever I tell people what line of work I'm in, they undoubtedly ask if I ever get to fly in the planes I work on for free. Sadly the answer is always no, … [Continue reading]

Get the 2014 US Airways Mastercard Before It Goes Away

Get the 2014 US Airways Mastercard Before The Merger With American Airlines

Even though the merger between US Airways and American Airlines has been going pretty smoothly, I've actually been more concerned about how the merger between the two frequent flyer programs will work.  Working in the aerospace industry, I think less … [Continue reading]