Asset Allocation Guide: Why to Invest in International Index Funds

If you followed the market from 2000-2009, you’ll know that US stocks got hammered.  Investing in international stocks wouldn’t have saved you from a period like that, but it could have helped.  International stocks provide some much needed diversification and tend to reduce your portfolio’s overall volatility.  In fact, since international funds make up 60% […]

A Review of My No Cost Refinance With Amerisave

A year ago I refinanced to a 3.75% 7/1 ARM with Quicken Loans and my experience with them was fantastic. I bought my property almost three years ago and that refinance lowered my payment by $200 a month. I was definitely content, but as I watched rates drop further, I started to think about doing […]

Get Rich Investing in Human Capital

Instead of talking about stock or real estate investments today, I’ll be diving into an often forgotten investment.  Human capital is the knowledge, skills or health that you have acquired in your lifetime.  Most people think of capital as a CD account, retirement savings or property.  But tangible forms of capital aren’t the only kinds […]

My Tax Efficient Investing Plan

If the Mayans are wrong and Dec 21, 2012 doesn’t bring the end of the world, taxmageddon is still headed our way in 2013.  Income taxes are slated to go up for every single tax-paying American unless congress and Obama act.  Regardless of whether you’re for or against the proposed tax increase, it’s causing a lot of […]